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Welcome To CART

CART, (formerly known as ITMMEC) has been established in May 2019 with a vision to promote interdisciplinary research in Electric Vehicles (EV) and related areas.

Since this new entity has been evolved ITMMEC, the current strength of the centre is in Tribology but it will be building expertise in all other verticals very soon

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CART is looking for motivated candidate to pursue PhD in the following theme:

  • EV technologies (Power train, charger, charging infrastructure etc)
  • Battery for EVs and battery management System (BMS)
  • Autonomous and connected vehicle.
  • Vehicle Telematics

The candidates are advised to download the off-line PhD form from the IITD website with the following link "Click Here"

Please submit the filled application form to : Academics (PG Section)
New Delhi 110016
by 5th Dec 2019 5 pm

A soft copy of the application form along with the supporting documents in 1 page PDF, please be mailed to hodcart@admin.iitd.ac.in

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